We specialise in deep cleaning professional kitchens in premises such as County Councils, Universities, Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels. 
We can clean everything in the kitchen including Ovens, Grills, Griddles, Hobs, Fryers, Hot cupboards, Baking ovens, Char-grills, etc. 
The cleaning of such equipment is carried out using heavy-duty chemicals, and abrasive scrubbing methods. The equipment is stripped down where all immediate removable parts and shelves and removed and placed in a chemical bath. Any immediate outer casings that are screwed on and can be removed, will be, and again treated in our bath. At no point will any parts that are required for the initial basic functions of the equipment be removed, or tampered with. This sometimes limits the access that is available to internal parts. We will not use heavy-duty chemicals or abrasive scrubbing on delicate parts. 
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